Modus Operandi

Our agency boasts a robust and dedicated team of permanent and on-call legal experts equipped with up-to-date knowledge of labor laws and the legal frameworks of various countries. The meticulous selection process for local manpower is customized to align seamlessly with the legal requirements of the destination countries. To further enhance their preparedness, selected manpower undergoes a brief course to familiarize themselves with the legal obligations of the employer country, ensuring their smooth adaptation to foreign environments.

  • Upon receiving a demand for manpower, Faisal Farooq Manpower Exporters strategically advertises in widely circulated national newspapers and specialized magazines. Applications are meticulously scrutinized and shortlisted based on job descriptions and specifications.
  • Successful candidates are then invited for comprehensive written and practical tests, along with interviews. At this crucial stage, representatives of prospective employers are encouraged to actively participate in the selection process.
  • A rigorous medical examination precedes any final selection to ensure the health and fitness of the candidates, guaranteeing a disease-free and fully capable workforce for optimal job performance.
  • The agency assumes responsibility for the deportation of any inefficient workers and their prompt replacement, although such instances are rare due to our foolproof scrutiny process, which ensures only the most competent individuals are selected.