Manpower Expoters

Faisal Farooq Manpower, founded by Mr. Abdul Rashid Chaudhry, is a distinguished enterprise led by a seasoned businessman with years of invaluable experience in manpower export. Holding a reputable manpower export license since 1990, Mr. Chaudhry has steered the agency towards unparalleled success.

Over the years, Faisal Farooq Manpower has successfully exported thousands of unskilled, skilled, and highly qualified professionals to prominent destinations such as Saudi Arabia, the U.A.E., Oman, Qatar, Korea, Malaysia, and beyond. Notably, the agency boasts an impeccable record, having received zero complaints regarding the quality of its exported workforce from any client.

This remarkable achievement is attributed to the agency’s unwavering commitment to exceptionally high professional standards. Fasail Farooq Manpower employs a meticulous process: when a demand arises, an extensive team sifts through a vast database to ensure that the prospective employer receives manpower precisely tailored to the detailed job specifications.

The agency’s local employees are further supported by a robust network of authorized agents abroad. These agents continuously update the agency on work ethics, social and physical conditions, and on-the-job demands in the relevant countries.

The agency’s responsibilities extend beyond the mere selection and dispatching of manpower; it marks just the beginning of its commitment. Fasail Farooq Manpower believes in maintaining an ongoing relationship with the client for “after-sale service.” This unique approach not only sets the agency apart from other manpower exporters but also guarantees that the workforce operates to the complete satisfaction of the employer.

At Faisal Farooq Manpower, excellence is not just a goal; it is a continuous journey fueled by professionalism, precision, and a dedication to client satisfaction.